"Get Your Beauty Sleep"

We all have heard the expression “Get your beauty sleep.” ¬†Well, there is true meaning behind it. Ever wonder why you don’t seem focused, why you are not building the muscle you ¬†want or losing the weight you want, why you may feel more stressed or maybe why you seem to be catching more colds or illnesses? It could be lack of sleep.


A late night out, stress, travel, or just getting caught up with our lives gets in the way of good sleep. We have all been there . . . trying to get stuff done before bed, staying up late to watch a game or show or letting emails and social media get the best of us.

Sleep deprivation, even for one night can take a toll on the body, even weight loss or muscle building. Lack of sleep affects the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Letpin decreases, which means you will not feel satisfied after you eat (hence you will eat more). The hormone ghrelin increases which means your appetite will be stimulated and you will eat more. Our growth hormone also goes to work while we sleep, so if you are trying to build muscle with bad sleeping habits . . . it’s not going to work.

A few more things lack of sleep can affect:

  • our metabolism
  • our performance
  • collagen levels (wrinkles)
  • focus (fuzzy thinking)
  • increase in risks of chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease)


So if you are having trouble getting to sleep at night try these to help:

  • Shut off digital devices (yes, even reading blogs)
  • Stick to a sleep schedule (same bed time, same wake time)
  • Try not to eat any food or drink that will upset your stomach
  • Skip alcohol (actually disrupts sleep)
  • Make your bedroom peaceful, dark, quiet and comfortable
  • Avoid caffeine, try decaffeinated hot tea
  • Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night


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