New Week! New Motivation


I returned about a month ago from a huge challenge I gave myself . . . . competing in theWBFF World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WBFF stands for World Beauty Fitness & Fashion. It is an extraordinary competition that included competitors from many different countries throughout the world! It was truly an extraordinary show!


I competed in the Fitness Pro category. We have two different looks we model: a bikini and theme wear. It is amazing to see so many different costumes from around the world. I have competed with the WBFF since 2012, when I also received my pro card. Competing since 2008,  I earned the title of Ms. Fitness Arizona in 2009 and 2010 and have competed in many other national and international competitions.

Every time I compete I have such a great amount of encouraging support! I am so grateful for all of it. I have noticed (with me and competitors I train as well) sometimes some may say “You will win it” or upon our return “Did you win, did you place?” Although, we all would love to win, we can’t always win. However, one thing I can say is it is not about the win. It is ALL ABOUT the journey. The challenge I have decided to accept and to give myself to push myself harder and be more disciplined in the six months leading up to a competition. I take care of myself all year long, but the six months before are the ones you really push yourself. Deciding to do a competition is no different from someone deciding to do a marathon. When someone challenges themselves to do a marathon, many don’t ask them “Did you win?” ¬†Actually, many times when someone completes a marathon, others may ask them “How did it go? Did you beat your time?” not necessarily anything to do with winning.


The only difference with competing is that the finish line is the stage. When I walk on stage – my finish line, it is exhilarating! So, when you decide to challenge yourself, remember it is not always just about the win. It is about the journey, the work, the belief in yourself! It is about YOU! Get out there and find your challenge!

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