Which wolf wins- (1)First and most importantly I am a mother of two children, a 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son.  They are true blessings.

I have been in the fitness industry over 20 years. I not only enjoy the fitness industry but love it.  Since I was a child I have enjoyed being active with my PE teacher being a big influence on me.

After going to college I became a certified group instructor and working at a gym during the summers.  A few years later I became certified in personal training. I have enjoyed everything about the fitness field ever since. While I started in communications and property management, I always did fitness instruction part time. Fitness continued to pull at me. I loved helping others reach their health and fitness goals. I knew at that time that I had to go full-time into the fitness industry!

Fitness and recreation has given me so many opportunities to be part of great programs, and people. I worked as a community center director for almost three years with the USAF and then as a health and fitness specialist for four years at an USAF base in Arizona. We were awarded best large Health and Wellness Center for the USAF (throughout the world).  We also had a fitness program that was recognized through out all the bases in the world and success it had on the airmen. At this point both children both under 3. In 2007, as part of my job I attended a training in Las Vegas. While there I attended the Ms. Fitness USA competition at The Rio.  A gentleman sitting next to me asked “Why aren’t you up there?’ At that point I decided to start training to compete. One year later, after winning regional competition in Arizona, I was on that stage in Vegas. I went on to win Ms. Fitness Arizona 2009 & 2010. I continued to compete and win or place in many regional competitions with different organizations. Then in 2012 I won the WBFF Texas Championship in fitness category. It took work, but I never gave up!

I have also been involved in corporate wellness with two major corporations, Valero Corporation and the Zachary corporation. I met fantastic people and continue to train some of them. Health and wellness is vital for success in a corporation or for anyone looking to succeed.

I continue to be involved in fitness through training corporate clients, athletes, student athletes, individuals with special modifications and for anyone just looking to get healthier! I continue to compete to challenge myself. This website, and my social media pages, all which can give great health and fitness information for all fitness levels. I also speak at events and helping others understand health and fitness. It fills me with joy and pride watching clients reach their goals. I want to be a role model to others and to my children. I firmly believe that you won’t see changes unless you make changes! Stay Fit Stay Fierce!


* WBFF 2014 World Championship Fitness Competitor

* WBFF 2013 World Championship Fitness Competitor

*20 years experience as a group fitness instructor.

*15 years experience as a personal trainer, ACE certified.

*4.5 years working with the USAF training airmen to be physical training leaders, instructing conditioning classes, and working with community.

*2012 WBFF Fitness Pro Card, 1st Fitness Classic, Texas Championship.*******

*2011 Fitness America Bikini, Classic, 12th place, Las Vegas, Nevada,

*2010 Fitness America Bikini Competition Top 15, Las Vegas, Nevada.

*2010 2nd Bikini Competition, NPC Lackland Air Force Base Comp.

*2010 Ms. Fitness USA Top 15 Finalist, Las Vegas, Nevada.

*2009 1st Place, Ms. Fitness Arizona, America’s Natural Championship.

*2009 1st Place Bikini Diva, America’s Natural Championship.

*2009 Ms. Fitness USA Finalist, Las Vegas, Nevada.

*2008 1st Place, Ms. Fitness Arizona, America’s Natural Championship.

*2008 1st Place Sports Model- America’s Naturals Championship.

*2008 1st Place Bikini- America’s Naturals Championship- State Level.

*2008 2nd Place Ms. Fitness- Tucson Classic, Tucson, Arizona.

Stay Fit Stay Fierce!